This portfolio has a few parts myself, art, and games. I guess the main stuff, like a proper introduction. Some photography, video, digital art. My “mobile game studio”, Chrome Chinchilla, lol. So please check out the goods.

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Thanks for checking out my portfolio!


With photography as a tech enthusiast living in the great Northwest US with my dog Russell Sprout, I really enjoy the opportunity to get out into nature. And what better place to do it? There are so many amazing destinations within a few hour drive. One of my favorite places to go and soak up the beautiful scenery is the Cascade mountain range surrounding Highway 2 East of Seattle.

Growing up in Napoli, Italy is where my passion for exploring started. Living blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea my brother and I would almost never be home. Then living in rural Brighton, Tennessee just north of Memphis, what a contrast. If it wasn’t for the accerage across the street with the deep creeks and the large trees with vines hanging, I don’t think I could of lasted. It was a natural jungle gym for us, we could play for hours out there. Luckily my pops retired and we ended up in Spokane, Washington.

I work on mobile games for Android in my free time. Not only do I “love” the development side my stronger passion is for the marketing. It’s amazing to see trends, the racing games vs. the tower defense games, telling you clearly what direction to go. Advertising and other monetization strategies are so interesting to me too.

I’ll be posting my work here and on other social media sites so please add this page to your favorites and follow me on social media. 🙂