[Sticky] How To: TPCST Minimap Unity  


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03/02/2019 2:22 pm

In this video I take you through the steps of adding a minimap showing the player and enemy icons. There is no scripting involved.

Probably a better set of videos on this

Third Person Cover Shooter Template

Create a raw image UI component with a render texture attached. The render texture is also assigned to the Target texture of the camera that is added as a child object to the player. The second camera in the scene, attached to the player, is set to orthographic for the projection. The far clipping plane is set to 50. The transform Y position is set to 100 and X rotation is 90.

Create a quad as a child object of player. Remove the mesh collider on the quad. Select off for Cast Shadows and uncheck Receive Shadows on the mesh renderer. Set the quads Y position to 75 and the X rotation to 90

Do a search for arrows and import them into your Unity project. Set the texture type to Sprite (2D and UI). Create a new material add the arrow image to the albedo change then rendering mode to Cutout. Attach the arrow material to your quad.